JMO Systems’ IndagoTM WMS Provides Unequaled Service for Leif Johnson Ford
January 1, 2018
Tri-States Automotive Warehouse and JMO Systems Inc.
January 1, 2018
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NICOR Inc. Improves Accuracy and Efficiency using JMO’s indago™ WMS

Founded in the 1980’s Nicor Inc. provides lighting solutions with reliable products. Since the 1980’s Nicor has grown steadily and now offers over 2,500 products across the US. Nicor has become known for having a quality products and excellent customer service. Providing this high level of customer service includes having warehousing and distribution centers that operate efficiently and accurately to provide customers with the products they need when they need it.

Using JMO’s indago™ WMS has helped to improve accuracy and efficiency for Nicor’s warehousing and distribution. Matt Gould, Warehouse Manager, sees the indago™ system as a nicer and more accurate system than any other he has worked with.  Before switching to indago™, Nicor was experiencing shipping and inventory issues. “Now with shipping it helps ensure all orders are picked and packed correctly and allows us to have documentation [for] customers if there is a discrepancy” says Matt. “It has also allowed us to keep a much more accurate inventory of all of the products and where they are in the warehouse.”

The feature Matt likes best is “[t]he ability to see the productivity of all employees and where we are at on orders without having to physically go and get the paperwork to verify.” Being able to verify locations, print labels, do bin transfers all on the fly and in real time allow employees to be more efficient. Using indago™ “has helped with training time, productivity and accuracy.  It has been a great tool for not only me as a warehouse manager but for the warehouse employees to make order pulling and stocking much faster and very accurate.”

Full integration with SHIMS is essential for Nicor. “…[I]t has been very easy to pick up and transfer information back and forth with no issues,” says Matt Gould.  JMO’s indago™ has been fully integrated with SHIMS since 2011 and provides the vital link in a total supply chain solution.

In addition to the high quality WMS that indago™provides, Nicor appreciates the support and customer service of the JMO Systems team. “Customer service is fast at getting you a response and also how much time they will take to make sure it is working properly. As far as customer service, the team has been very helpful when I have had questions,” says Matt. The package provided by JMO Systems and the indago™WMS has improved the efficiency and accuracy of Nicor’s warehousing and distribution.