JMO Systems’ IndagoTM WMS Provides Unequaled Service for Leif Johnson Ford
January 1, 2018
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JMO Systems works with Automotive Parts Headquarters

Automotive Parts Headquarters Inc. (APH) is a third generation family-owned aftermarket auto parts distributor based in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. Operating in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Michigan and Montana, APH is consistently ranked in Babcox Media’s Top 20 Super Stores ranking of aftermarket distributors.

APH was looking for a replacement for their WMS. George Tersteeg, Warehouse Manager at APH, says “We were at the “end of life” on our ERP; we also were looking for more features than what we had with our previous WMS. So we made the crazy decision to replace both systems at once!” A big change like this was challenging and required a team with proven experience. APH selected JMO Systems to provide their new WMS. JMO Systems’ indago™ WMS provided the features APH was looking for and a team that exceeded their expectations. “Right from day one the JMO folks were very professional and helpful! We had a very successful implementation of our new system, and it can be greatly credited to the talents and hard work…their team provided us.”

“We were looking for better, more efficient ways to control our inventory” says George. Being a ‘live’ or real time system, indago™ is able to provide visibility for inventory within the warehouse. “Indago™ gives us the visibility we are looking for with our inventory. We now know where a particular part is at any time, from the time it enters our building to when it departs on a shipment.” The live Cycle Count feature allows the user to do an accurate inventory count anytime without stopping work and is a much more accurate process than APH’s previous WMS allowed.

The feature that George Tersteeg likes the most about the indago™ WMS is the replenish system. “Like most businesses we strive to provide the highest level of customer service. In our distribution centre we do that by being accurate, and having the highest fill rate possible. JMO’s replenish [feature] has helped us accelerate in those customer service areas. We now have an effective way to process emergency replenishment on the fly, and also provide an efficient and accurate daily replenishment.”

Another indago™ feature that appealed to APH was ‘Topview’ which gives supervisors and managers an overall view of what is happening in the warehouse. This is “a great tool that provides us with daily tracking and monitoring of our orders. And also provides the needed reports for monitoring employee performance, and other metrics.”

Going forward JMO Systems will continue to work with APH to improve efficiency and accuracy in their warehouse and distribution locations. JMO is constantly updating and improving their system to facilitate the business of their clients. George sums up the JMO relationship, “With JMO you get a robust system; you get that “small company” feel but the results of a large company.”