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January 1, 2018
NICOR Inc. Improves Accuracy and Efficiency using JMO’s indago™ WMS
January 1, 2018
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JMO Systems’ IndagoTM WMS Provides Unequaled Service for Leif Johnson Ford


Leif Johnson Ford has been in business for almost 60 years. It is family owned and operated, with 3 Ford franchise dealerships and 5 Pre-owned locations in and around Austin, TX. Keeping inventory organized and easy to find, and making sure that parts are pulled correctly for orders were problems facing Scott Web, Parts Manager. “We were experiencing two main issues, the receiving team not knowing where to stock the part and miss-pulled parts” says Scott.

Lief Johnson Ford needed a warehouse management system (WMS) that would provide visibility of parts within the warehouse and improve accuracy for stocking and picking orders. They looked to the team at JMO Systems and their indago™ WMS to resolve these issues. JMO was able to help reduce lost productivity and cost due to errors and mismanagement of inventory.

Scott has found that “Indigo’s scanning system allows an employee to scan the part, knowing exactly where to put it. When he arrives at the bin, the part is scanned to the bin, creating a chain of accountability.” Parts are now stocked accurately. He appreciates that the system tracks parts from the time they reach the warehouse, even before being stocked by “scanning parts to a tote upon receipt, allow[ing] a part to be located during the time the part is in between receipt and stocked to the bin.” When picking orders the scanning system creates a double check that the picker is selecting the correct part and labels for the order are printed directly from the system.

The changeover to indago™ was not without obstacles. indago™ required some customization to work effectively with the systems already in place at Lief Johnson. The installation was difficult because of the integration with both their DMS (dealer management system) and ADP. According to Scott “The largest obstacle we faced was integration with our DMS.” The team at JMO had their work cut out of them, but worked relentlessly to overcome the obstacles at install.

JMO continues to work to improve indago™ and solve any problems Scott and his team bring them. “I think the greatest feature JMO provides is their support help…it is unequalled in the industry. John and his team not only attack a problem, they are EAGER to solve it so my business flows smoothly. They are truly outstanding… The team is constantly tweaking the system to improve its efficiency. I would absolutely recommend working with JMO. JMO’s system and team are extremely reliable, and their entire team…top to bottom…is extremely professional.”