JMO Systems has the knowledge and experience to consult with your business on warehouse setup, configuration and best practices.

JMO can provide consulting services to assist in improving your distribution and warehouse efficiency to improve day to day efficiency, decrease inventory loss, maximize resources and personnel, and improve customer service.

Warehouse Setup and Configuration

The design of your warehouse is important to optimize your resources, personnel and space utilization. By working with you to understand your business needs and constraints JMO systems can advise on a warehouse layout for optimal inventory storage, inventory control, material movement into and out of the warehouse, and worker efficiency. JMO will assist in creating a design that fits your business, maximizes productivity and cost savings.

Best Practices

JMO Systems will work with your warehouse personnel to understand your operational requirements and assess the effectiveness of your current practices. As experts in the field we can work you’re your staff in developing warehouse work procedures and operational standards that will lead to better productivity, increased visibility of inventory and cost savings.